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Privacy Policy

We now accept chip and pin, and contact-less payments

Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy has always been committed to managing and safeguarding the information you give as part of the consultation and treatment process.

To support upcoming changes in European data law, known as GDPR, the company Privacy Policy has been updated. The changes are specifically designed to inform you about details regarding the data collected, the reasons for its collection, how it is stored/safeguarded and also what Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy does with the information.

When you book an appointment, the contact details/method given will be used for further communications between Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy and yourself only. Any further contact details will only be used for the same process.

As part of your treatment process, at the beginning of your first appointment, Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy will ask you to complete a consultation form.

It is essential to note that it is very important, and your responsibility, to notify the therapist if any of your treatment related personal circumstances change between booking or subsequent appointments, for example Pregnancy.

Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy will not pass on any of your personal details, or any other details disclosed in any communications, to any third party without your explicit request and/or consent.

Hannah Wood Mobile Beauty Therapy will safely and securely store the information you provide during the contact and consultation part of your treatment. This is purely for your treatment record and the requirements of the company’s insurance policy. Your information will be stored for a period of no less than 7 years as the GDPR legislation dictates.

If you have any questions please contact me directly at hannah@hannah-wood.co.uk

Privacy Policy